January 3, 2014


Its that time again. I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the January Currently. I love doing these. I love reading what others post and seeing how in this great big world we are so similar no matter where we are.


Listening--I don't usually listen to the radio when I am working but today the house is so loud (with everyone home) I need just one constant noise...lol

Loving--I am so grateful that my husband chose me to spend his life with. 

Thinking--I am so nervous--this will be my first full time intern. I have had pre-inters one or two days a week but no one that I have had to give over my whole class to. 

Wanting--I have been reading some great blog post and now I have completely changed my plans for next week. That means changing my centers. 

Needing--HA here is my new blog post...lol

Memory--Lets just say I am glad I can see the humor in things--After I calm down that is.