April 30, 2017

My Classroom is Moving!

That's right you--you heard me! We are moving! I have waited for 15 years for my husband to get on board. Don't get me wrong I love Florida. It will always be my home state. I am just so over the 10 months of summer, no winter, and the LONG HOT DAYS!

We started our journey in September. We decided to we would look around at different states to see what they offered. Well we picked the beautiful state of Virginia. We attended a couple of job fairs and talked with many teachers, superintendents, and recruiters for their states, We picked an area that we thought would make us happy and started applying. Well last week it happened. We got the call that we had been waiting on. We were both offered teaching positions in the same school. My husband will be teaching third grade and I will be teaching Kindergarten! My heart is so happy right now--I am about to burst. 

We will make the move in June. We will be staying with a friend the month of June and then on to VA in July. We will start at our new school in August. I am looking forward to this wonderful adventure

January 25, 2017

Ahhh... A New Year

Its time to go back to school after a very sad winter break--check out my post under My Life.

So we are back at school and having to get back into the swing of things. My little kinders are so talkative this  year. So how do I channel that inner energy. Will a little shaving cream word work activity. Students were given shaving cream on their desk and we sounded out CVC words.  It was fun and they really showed me how much they had been practicing over the break.

I promise to get better at this friends.