July 20, 2014


Okay I admit it. I am not as computer literate as I would like to be. It has been my goal this summer to redo my blog on my own. I am still determined to do it--it just might not happen this summer as I planned. Being by the pool and reading has won out over school related items this summer. Let's just face it sometimes you just need a break from all things school and well this summer was it for me. I have enjoyed not worrying about anything.

Fast forward to now--I have 3 weeks to go of my precious summer and I am determined to enjoy every last millisecond that I can. I have created a few items but not what I had planned. Today I decide that I am okay with it all. Last school year I allowed myself to get stressed out about the job way more then in years before. My mental health really took a beating. Well not any more. This year I have a new attitude to go along with my new grade level. I am going to just go with it.

So my plans for August:
To post one new product each week.
To make one blog post each week.
To not sweat the small stuff.
To NOT WORK ON THE WEEKENDS on anything school related.

I will let you know how it goes.

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