October 31, 2014


This week our class had a pumpkin invasion. We learned all about the pumpkin life cycle and how to make different pumpkin products.

We started the week with a pumpkin experiment. We poured potting soil inside one of the pumpkins to see if we could get the seeds to grow.  The kiddos were super excited to see this in action. Everyday they come in to check for growth.

Next we decided to turn one of the pumpkins into a book character. When asked which one the whole class said Fly Guy. Are your students obsessed with these books as much as mine are. I love it. 

Last we made pumpkin muffins. We have several different allergies in our classroom so we made two batches. The ones that look like pumpkin pie on top are gluten and nutmeg free. The other is made with mayo (because I forgot the eggs) First we cut the top off the pumpkin and took all the seeds out. We then asked the cafeteria workers to roast it for us. After it was roasted and cooled we pureed it. We then used the puree to make the muffins. They were pretty good. The students loved making such a great snack from scratch.

How was your week?

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