September 5, 2016

September Means Fall

Welcome back friends. Its a new school year. I am back in Kindergarten! And I now have a brand new blog design thanks to Blogs Fit For A Queen. 

It's September friends and that means Fall is almost here. I LOVE FALL and all things pumpkin spice. Being a southern girl however means that my fall is way different. Its still in the hight 90s here in Florida. I dream of days when I will live in a place that actually has fall. 

My dream home!
Anyway! My school year is up and running. My little kinders and I have been in school now for 3 weeks. Well maybe 2 and a half weeks due to a small hurricane that come through last week. That's right friends we had 2 days off school for a hurricane and then a 3 day weekend due to Labor Day. We were lucky where I live only rain and wind but people further north not so lucky. 

My class this year is super sweet. I have 6 girls and 14 boys and let me tell you they are a talkative bunch of little ones. They work and play LOUD! I am trying an app  Too Noisy. It seems to be working for now. We will see how long it last. 

How do you control the talking and noise in you class? 

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