June 9, 2014

It's Summer Time!

WOW! So excited that summer time is finally here. This school year was difficult for me both professional and personally. I have had to reflect on my teaching and how I handle different situations. I am not proud to say that at times I fell short. I am not perfect and I am human. With that being said--I am as the kids would say "Letting It Go" moving on!

This coming school year I will be moving up to First Grade! I am excited about this move. I will loop with part of my class. This makes me happy because I will continue to see the growth they have made and will make. I had a great group of kids this year!

With that being said--I will be blog stalking browsing many first grade blogs.

On my bucket list this summer:
1. learn to create blog templates, buttons, etc.
2. Read up on how to implement more technology into my classroom.
3. Spend time with my friends.
4. Start my daughters t-shirt quilt
5. Make at least one new TPT product each week.
6. Participate in the Monday Made It Series.

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