June 13, 2014

St. Leo Summer Technology Institute

Over the last week I have enjoyed attending a technology institute at Saint Leo University (which I graduated from--thank you very much). I have learned so much about the iPad and apps my head is ready to explode. The presenters were fabulous (all professors with St. Leo). Dr. Ryan was assigned to facilitate our group. She is a professor in the Gainesville branch of St. Leo. She was awesome. She always had words of encouragement or funny stories to share. If I lived closer to Gainesville I would take one of her classes.
Here is a picture of her explaining QR codes to us. I am so excited about this. I plan to start making them for my TPT units.

Dr. Ryan showing us how to use QR codes in the classroom. 

A QR code I made for my blog.

We also practiced with an app called Coach My Video or CMV. Here Marty (my husband) and Kate (our friend) practice throwing the paper airplane. We had to record at least 2 tries and then mark up the video to tell what was happening. 

We also meet some fabulous people from Apple. They came and told us the ins and outs of the iPad. I also learned about a new product that will not be released until later in the summer. Let me just tell you it is wonderful. I ordered mine before the presentation was over. Head over to my Facebook Page to find out how you can to.

We also have to conduct an action research project. I plan to do mine on digital storytelling. Make sure you check here often to see my progress. 

Here is my plan so far.

That was my week in a nutshell. Check back next week to find out all the cool stuff I learn about math.

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  1. I went to St. Leo for a visit. I was accepted, but they didn't accept my scholarship (because they are private). I was heartbroken that I couldn't attend.

    Do you know about the Fl Teacher Blogger Meet-Up. I'm cohosting and we would love for you to come. Email me at malocasc@gmail.com