November 9, 2013

Five for Friday...Or maybe Saturday


This is my first Five for Friday link up. Hope all goes well. 

This week was busy. 


We had fun with our new November Center. This little one is enjoying the stamping center

Thanksgiving Pie Stamping Fun


We had some fun with the book:

We learned how to pick out the characters and describe how they were feeling.

Turkey Charcaters


On a personal Note: 

My husband rocks--he has been so supportive of me putting more energy into getting my blog going and TPT products up. When I feel I am overwhelmed he has just the right words to say. He truly is my SUPERMAN


We made pumpkin pie in a bag using  Beth Corder's Cooktivity Packet. My kiddo's LOVED IT. 

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag FREEBIE!


Best of all this week I discovered that I have some pretty awesome families in my classroom. When tutoring one of my students brothers their mom brought me out a container filled with chicken soup. She said she knew that I had been sick all week and she wanted to give me the night off from cooking. I  cried right there.  I am so blessed this year with wonderful and caring families.

How Was Your Week?

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