November 11, 2013

Monday Time Savers Blog Hop

Hi Friends,
I am teaming up with Blog Hoppin's  thankful blog hop. Today's topic is Time Savers. One of the biggest things I do to save time IS PLAN! I try to plan at least a week in advance and stick with that plan. With all the cute ideas out on the web that is easier said then done.
I also keep a crate labeled Monday-Friday, extra, and emergency sub plans. In my Monday-Friday files I keep everything I will need for that day. I keep any read alouds, worksheets, centers, anything and everything I need is in there. I also keep a copy of my lesson plans in the Monday file. This helps if I ever have an emergency then who ever has my class can pull out my lesson plans look in the file folder and be ready for the day. In the extra pile is activities and worksheets that I can pull out for those times when I need some extra time, or our schedule gets wacky. In the emergency sub file is a generic outline of our day, and anything the sub might need to know about our class. I tend to write detailed lesson plans so that anyone should be able to teach from them. What do you do to save time in your class?


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