November 12, 2013

Tuesday Helpful Hints

Blg Hoppin

I am joining the Thankful blog hop over on Blog Hoppin. Today's topic is helpful hints. While it might not seem like a big deal  it does save me a few headaches everyday. Here is the BIG HINT: I assign my students numbers. They have their numbers from the first day of school. They use their numbers for the behavior calendar, lining up, classroom jobs and anything else that I need them to do in an orderly fashion.Week one we start with number one being the line leader, number two is door holder, and the last in line is the light person. They must line up in order every time we leave the room. This keeps the shoving, pushing and running at a minimum. On the following Monday the line leader goes to the end of the line and is now the light person, the next number becomes line leader,and the one after the door holder. We rotate every week. If someone is absent then the next person takes the job until they get back. Its just one of the little things I do to make my life easier. Another great hint I was given when I first started teaching was to keep a change of clothing and a different pair of shoes at school. I thought this was strange but then I was so thankful to have heeded that advice when one of my little ones got sick all over me.
What do you do to make your life simpler in the classroom?


  1. Thanks for linking up with Blog Hoppin' today! I'm loving your cute blog design and all your fun colors!

    1. Thank you. I am so excited about this week long linky!

  2. We love using numbers too! The kids have numbers on their mailboxes, folders, etc. This helps keep us organized SO much! It's amazing how quickly/easily you remember their numbers when you use them everywhere too!